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Our Special Eggs

Richer in Taste. Premium Quality.

Fresh eggs for your family

Our delicious, nutritious and safe to consume eggs will bring delight right to your table, add to your family’s well-being and make your kids smile, all with that excellent protein content.

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Tasty and healthy

Nutrition facts

Superior quality eggs

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Health Benefits

Healthy for Your Daily Breakfast

Vs. Ordinary Eggs

More Nutritious. Better in Taste.

Enriched Eggs

Larger in Size

Fresh from Farms

Graded Eggs

All Vegetarian-Fed

Normal Eggs

Average Size

Lacks Freshness

Not Graded


Healthy Recipes

Delicious Egg Meal Ideas

Scrambled Egg with Cheese


Fried Egg with Avocado


Stuffed Omelette with Veggies


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Interested to know more about our table eggs? Download our brochure at the link below to read about the nutritional facts of our eggs, the variety of eggs we offer and other specifications.

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