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Our Focus Areas

Feed Nutrition & Bird Performance

Our distinction lies in applying modern scientific knowledge to improve the quality of nutrition in products we provide.

Behind every great discovery and efficiency lies countless hours of research, information gathering and brainstorming. With a diverse team of research scientists and DVM doctors, the group has its own R&D department, which consistently experiments with new ideas, research and methodologies for improving feed nutrition and overall performance of the bird.

Research & Development Laboratory

The company has its R&D facility located in Rawat, Punjab, having capacity of housing 8,500 birds. Here, the technically able team of PhD scientists address practically oriented research issues in trials in order to improve the quality of feed, keeping in mind the economics associated with it.

PhD Scientists

DVM Doctors

8,500 Birds

Our Achievements

Unlocking Better Feed and Nutrition

Successful experiments

Our efforts have been fruitful; our market shares owe a great deal to hours of research and development and we have had success in over 50% of our experiments conducted over the last two decades.

Practical nutrition research issues

We have conducted experiments based on the requirements of the bird regarding bird health such as the best enzyme for digestion, the best protein content for bird growth and the best feed formula for optimised performance.

New medicines, enzymes and materials

So far, the company has successfully conducted over 80 experiments which have covered the most effective medicines, enzymes and materials to use in optimising performance and nutrition.

Working with Academia

The company extends its research facility to different universities for thesis dissertation of students, with the experiments which range from optimising the bird FCR to maximising feed performance.

If you are interested in contributing with your research, contact us at the details below.

Dr. Mukhtar Nadeem