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Our Commitment

We believe in providing products for our consumers that are safe, healthy and nutritious: something that we stand for.

At Islamabad Group, consistent and stringent mechanism of checks and balances throughout the chain of production ensures quality of the end-product. We adhere to the principles of quality checks through explicit and detailed guidelines and SOPs being implemented throughout the organisation.

Quality and Safety

Quality Standards We Maintain

Raw Materials

Each of the raw materials we use in producing our poultry feed are 100% vegetarian and of the highest quality. For every arrival, the material is checked for moisture, Aflatoxins and fungus. All these are checked in our very own labs, situated within the mills themselves. Our labs are installed with NIR (Near infra-red spectroscopy) which analyses all the nutrient content in the raw material sample and compares it with the company’s standards. It is important to note that no steroids or any materials of the sort are used in feed production.

Farm Biosecurity

All the security procedures are clearly defined to prevent spread of diseases in the farms. Any personnel entering a farm has to go through a standardised process which includes changing the shoes, taking a shower, changing into proper farm gear and feet and hand disinfection. Such measures ensure cleanliness within the premises of the farm as well as the external environment, maintaining a clean and healthy surroundings for the bird. This promotes higher bird performance, leading to a high quality product for our consumers.

Day-Old Chicks

All of our chicks hatched are graded properly based on several categories. They are then placed in our very own vaccines sprayers for protection against diseases. These help the chicks develop vital antibodies needed to fight against viruses as well as certain bacterias. The graded chicks are transported in air conditioned trucks to keep them comfortable and cared for.


Our technically able and trained team of doctors have a set of predetermined vaccination schedules for the birds for protection against diseases. These medicines ensure a healthy bird for optimised performance. To further add to this fact, these medicines are completely safe for human health and have no negative associations to it whatsoever.

Egg Grading

Our layer farms have the MOBA egg grading machine installed, a state of the art technology that separates eggs based on their weight and undesired traits. This ensures that the eggs being transported to our customers are clean, healthy and fresh and our customers are happy with the type of egg weight they demand for. The undesired eggs are discarded properly and disposed off.


Every farm is well ventilated to provide the bird with fresh air to keep it healthy. All our sheds are equipped with tunnel ventilation systems which are the most modernised methods of maintaining good pressure and inflow of air within and out of the shed. This ensures a well balanced environment inside the shed so that the bird is comfortable. The ventilation system is managed by our doctors on the farm as per defined guidelines which are an integral part of our quality standard maintenance.

Our Certifications

Quality Certifications

The standards we maintain are not only internal, they have recognised certifications which reflect the company’s attention to quality and safety maintenance.