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Philanthropic Efforts

Giving Back to Society

We believe in giving back to the communities, continuously doing charitable works, especially in the education and health sector. This includes the mindset of helping and investing in our people which we believe are our future through businesses that we conduct so that we can bring about a positive impact with what we do.


District Public School and College, Okara

District Public School and College was a philanthropic project initiated by Dr. Aslam on 1st November, 2006 in the district of Gogera, Okara. The college is funded by the group and students belonging to low-income families are provided with modern education.


School students


College students


Scholarships awarded

The examination of the students in the school is conducted by the Board of Examination in Okara city, with the students of DPS scoring top positions in this region. Since its founding, DPS has successfully established itself as a well reputed institution, providing quality education for students from far-off cities who were unable to get higher education otherwise.

Higher education is the catalyst for social change, economic development and productive human resources. This school of thought has been integrated into the curriculum, promoting intellectual development, critical thinking and giving birth to future leaders; the very philosophy that makes the school value discovery and thoughtfulness.

Orphan Care

Pakistan Sweet Homes, Islamabad

A non-profit registered organisation, Pakistan Sweet Homes provides orphans with access to quality living standards and education. It has multiple projects of the sort and is being run by Mr. Zammurad Khan (Hilal-e-Imtiaz).

Mr. Zammurad Khan quotes:

“My message for the people of Pakistan is to come forward and become a part of my journey which is for the little orphan children of Pakistan. Together, we can bring a big change in our country.”

This is our fundamental belief: we don’t conduct business for the sake of doing business. Rather, we conduct it to be able to bring a positive impact in the country. This very belief has guided us to be a part of the Pakistan Sweet homes projects, where the company has helped set up its multiple projects. We are consistent donors and are always some of the first companies to step up in helping the organisation thrive and do good.

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Orphans supported


Million PKR funds donated


New shelters funded

Health Care

Allied Hospitals, Rawalpindi

Today, Allied hospitals are some of the best government hospitals in Punjab, catering to thousands of patients everyday for free. The three hospitals that come under this board are:

• Benazir Bhutto Hospital

• Holy Family Hospital

• District Headquarter Hospital

Being the Chairman Board of Management Rawalpindi Medical College/Allied hospitals, Dr. Aslam has helped divert a good chunk of funds from the Punjab government for the improvement of the hospitals which come under this board. The company has also supported the improvement of these hospitals with its own capital, catering to new beds, ventilators, furnished hallways and state-of-art wards.


Families helped


Million PKR funds disbursed


New projects supported

Helping The Underprivileged

Our Zakat Account

As a staunch believer in working for the betterment of the society, the company maintains a Zakat account through which it is regularly distributing Zakat funds to the needy and the underprivileged.