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About Islamabad Wanda

Premium vegetarian cattle feed for your animals.

With a dynamic range of products and services, Islamabad feeds has been satisfying its customers for over three decades.

The company has a simple yet intuitive mantra: manufacturing high quality feed to optimise nutrition for the animals, resulting in high growth, excellent health and overall performance. We use the highest quality of materials to ensure that the feed manufactured contains the nutritional value intended for the animal.

Cattle Feed

Our Production Plants

Leading Industrial-Grade Feed Mills

50 tonnes

Cattle feed production capacity


Farmers served across the country

Feed Composition

Made with Vegetarian Goodness

Soybean Meal
Canola Meal
Rice Polish

Our Added Services

Technical Advice & Assistance

Our team of expert doctors provide you with the best guidelines and practices available to improve the performance of your animal. These include disease control, animal husbandry practices, AI and pregnancy management.

Guidance from expert nutritionists on the selection for right type of feed and animal health.

Nestle® Green-Tag Acquired

Islamabad Wanda is in the portfolio of Nestle as a certified product with the green tag for the farmers, ensuring that what the farmer receives as a final product is confirmed to add significant value to the productivity of their animals. With the Nestle green tag certification, we are helping farmers increase their milk production, body weight and calf growth with the nutrients that they need.

Green Tag Sample

Our Feed Variety

Specially Formulated Feeds

Custom Feed Solutions

Our custom formulas specifically cater to your requirements which are formulated by our own nutritionists.

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+92 300 3085107


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+92 313 6459594


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