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About Islamabad Feeds

High quality poultry feed for excellent bird health and growth.

With a dynamic range of products and services, Islamabad feeds has been satisfying its customers for over three decades.

The company has a simple yet intuitive mantra: manufacturing high quality feed to optimise nutrition for the birds, resulting in high growth, excellent health and overall performance. We use the highest of quality of materials to ensure that the feed manufactured contains the nutritional value intended for the bird.

Poultry Feed

Islamabad Feed Mills

Leading Feed Mills in Pakistan

150 tonnes

Poultry feed production capacity


50 tonnes

Cattle feed production capacity


Why Choose Us?

Premium Animal Feed Producer

Modern CPM® machinery

All our feed plants are equipped with modern CPM® manufactured machinery.

Leading poultry feed supplier

We are one of the largest all-vegetarian quality poultry feed producers in Pakistan.

State-of-the-art feed mills

Our plants are also distinguished for their computerised systems by SIEMENs and CPM.

Our Special Feed

Best Feed for Bird's Health

Animal feed and health are directly related to each other; excellent feed promotes excellent growth of the bird which brings about great performance of the flock.

We are stern believers in improving feed nutrition and for that, the company has its own research and development department, with its own expert research scientist team, which is consistently experimenting on developing high quality feed.

Our Standards

Strict Quality Control in Production

All of the feed is manufactured on two of our production plants. Both plants, together, have a total production capacity of 150 tonnes per hour. Both plants are equipped with state of the art CPM® manufactured machinery.

These plants are also distinguished for their computerised systems by SIEMENS®, featuring all the process of formula addition, application, material management and all secondary manufacturing processes aided by technology without the use of mass labour.

Building on the strict quality control belief, each raw material used in feed production is inspected for the highest quality and is checked on multiple aspects namely, moisture content, crude proteins and toxins to ensure the company’s mantra of a true, all vegetarian feed, without any toxic materials for that matter.

Our Process

Ensuring High Quality Feed

Quality Checking

Multiple samples are taken from the feedstuff for quality checks including Aflatoxins and moisture content.


Raw materials are mixed from bins through the mixing system.

Grinding Feedstuff

Feedstuff is grinded in the hammer and the raw material becomes mixed in accordance with the formula.

Pelletizing Feed

Grinded feedstuff is pelletized into feed grains through the die.

Screening & Packaging

Feed is screened for, weighed and then packed automatically through sensors into the bags which are then sealed.

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