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About Islamabad Farms

We raise the finest of birds and under the most excellent of standards.

Raised on our very own sheds, we raise the finest of birds, the most healthiest of chicks and under the most excellent of standards.

At Islamabad Farms, we house broilers and breeders, under proper controlled sheds that have state-of-art equipment installed to enhance the performance of our birds. We ensure that our birds are well fed with our high quality poultry feed, making us one of the biggest vertically integrated groups of the country: from breeder to broiler.

Our Chicken

Our Poultry Farms

Leading Poultry Farms in Pakistan

1.5 million

Combined broiler capacity

1.2 million

Combined breeder capacity

Broiler Farms

As a part of the portfolio of the group, we also have an extensive network of broiler farms. A broiler farm houses birds for the purpose of producing poultry meat, the meat that we eat.

The company has controlled sheds for controlling the internal environment as per requirement of the bird, including humidity, ventilation and feed control and has a total combined capacity of housing 1.5 million birds.

Inside the Farms

State-of-the-art Broiler Farms

Ventilation and temperature control

Optimal farm environment for Broiler

Automated feeding system installed

The company employs the best practices on biosecurity, an important factor in protecting the birds from diseases. A closed and an evaporative cooling system has been implemented in all of our farms. The ventilation and lighting of the housing units are properly adjusted and controlled as per requirement of the bird.

There are also preventive and handling measures for animal injury and disease with our on-site veterinariansconducting health checks on animals. The point being, a very internally controlled environment promotes a healthy bird and a healthy bird results in a protein enriched meat.

Breeder Farms

The group has breeder farms, scattered throughout the country. With a foresight and broad view, the company has successfully developed its products.

The company possesses a very technically able and an expert team of DVM doctors who manage the farms. The main product out of these farms are fertilised eggs which are hatched in our own hatcheries. The company has a capacity of 1.2 millions breeder stock.

Inside the Farms

Hygienic Sheds for Breeders

Hygienic and closed Breeder sheds

Optimal farm environment for Breeder

Professionally maintained and monitored

Our breeder farms are further supported by professionally built controlled sheds which promote uniform bird weights, excellent growth and an overall great performance in the flock.

The controlled growth conditions provide the optimal level of health and low mortality rates, promoting a quality end product: a uniform, fertile and a healthy egg. These eggs are being exported as well to GCC countries.

Animal Health and Welfare

The company has implemented strict procedures and standards for animal welfare from the farming period, through the transport phase. The birds are provided a free and cage-free environment and their health and well-being is taken care of. We do not use hormones or steroids to stimulate growth of our birds.

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