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About Islamabad Eggs

Delivering you the most tasty, safe and fresh eggs.

At Islamabad eggs, we are committed to produce the most nutritious, fresh and delicious eggs. The company has layer projects with a capacity of over 600,000 birds, with the state of the art technologies.

Our eggs are preferred and used at restaurants, cafes, bakeries, hotels and food processing companies. We provide fresh eggs direct from our farms through our own transportation system

Table Eggs

Why Islamabad Eggs?

More Nutritious. Better Taste.

Premium, healthy & enriched eggs

Healthy eggs that come from our very own safest Islamabad Farms®

Delivered fresh to you everyday

We provide country-wide transportation facility for Islamabad eggs.

Our eggs are enriched with more vitamins and nutrients than a normal egg. It's delicious in taste and nutritious.

This taste develops from careful feeding practices to our birds which bring about just the right nutrients required by them and hence, being passed on into the egg itself. Our eggs are unlike any other: nutritious, delicious and healthy and that too, at your table.

How Is It Made

Premium in Taste. Specially Made.

The production of high quality eggs depends on similar conditions to that of broiler and breeder: right nutrition, housing, lighting, water and overall environment. With our all-vegetarian feed, provided straight from our feed plant, we ensure that the bird gets the right food to eventually produce a tasty, safe and a fresh egg.

Our all vegetarian hen feed has premium ingredients including corn and soybean meal, with more vitamins and minerals than ordinary hen feed.

Watch Our Process

What Makes Our Eggs So Tasty?

The Company has its own production, grading, packaging, and marketing and distribution system. Our production also creates efficiencies that provide value to our customers and helps us provide a consistent supply of eggs, making us a trusted egg brand.

Islamabad Eggs is one of the largest commercial/table eggs producers in Pakistan, with a total of about 900,000 layers in rearing and production.

Eggs are collected in our completely hygienic facility.

MOBA Egg Inspection machines are used to check for quality.

Egg candling ensures a safe and healthy egg to be delivered.

All eggs are checked for cracks through our special machines.

Blood detection is carried out to screen bad quality eggs.

Finally the eggs are sorted and packed to be delivered.

Quality Certification

HACCP & ISO Certified Quality

Passed from our strict quality control checks and collected hygienically, packed and sorted in our ISO-rated facilities. In addition to meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements, we keep an on-site staff of quality control personnel for frequent inspections.


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