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Our Story

How We Started

In the 1970s, the young Dr. Aslam had left his village from the district of Okara to pursue further studies in hopes of earning a livelihood. The young man ended up securing a place in UVAS, Lahore and graduated from there as a DVM. Uncertain as to what to do next, he was approached by Haji Muhammad Abbas, who offered him a partnership to start a poultry business. He agreed, and the two ventured together from scratch, with a very small sum of capital.

It all began with a small poultry farm in 1981 that housed only a couple of thousands of birds, with the young entrepreneurs delivering and selling the products themselves on a rented van.

The story goes on where they would drive out in the late night, in the heavy rain, just to be able to sell their stock so that it wouldn’t die of the extreme weather. The poultry industry was emerging in Pakistan at the time when they had just entered. Dr Aslam was a young DVM while Haji Abbas was the one having all the wisdom of an experienced person in life. Both became a pillar of support for each other; one with wisdom and the other with the energy and knowledge of the subject.

Gradually, the business started to work, it began to grow. Fast forward 40 years, the once a small poultry shed converted into a large-scale business. Today, the company houses over 3500 employees, has a team of technically able personnel and one of the most recognised groups in poultry.


Our Milestones

A Journey Through Time

First Poultry Shed


The company’s first breeder shed, housing 4,000 birds, built with the partners’ own capital invested into the business.

First Hatchery

Bhara Kahu, Punjab

The company’s first ever, multi-staged hatchery with 4 incubator machines installed initially.

Second Breeder Farm

Phulgran, Punjab

Breeder farm, housing over 20,000 birds, the company’s biggest farm and one of the biggest in country at that time.

First Rental Farms

Dhamial, Punjab

As part of its expansion, the company rented its first broiler farms, housing over 120,000 birds.

First Mash Plant

Rawat, Punjab

The company’s first mash plant, producing mash feed, was completed, marking a major milestone of the transition into poultry feed.

Feed Mill Expansion Completed

Rawat, Punjab

Two additional feed plants as well as silos and godowns, constructed to mark the feed mill as one of the biggest in the country at the time.

Sargodha Breeder Farm Completed

Sargodha, Punjab

Housing over 300,000 birds, the breeder farm was declared as the biggest farm in South Asia, built with state of the art technologies.

Second Feed Mill

Okara, Punjab

Bigger than the first mill, the second mill was completed, with full automation, modern technology and design, setting a high standard.

First Single-Stage Hatchery

Kotery, Hyderabad

The company’s first single-stage hatchery, completed as part of the modernised expansion strategy, having the most technical and automated machinery installed.

Islamabad Chicken Introduced

Rawalpindi, Punjab

The company’s first ever brand in serving customers, with the value being generated on the mantra: clean and safe chicken meat.

First Layer Farm

Attock, Punjab

Housing over 600,000 birds, the layer farm was completed, having fully automated machines and leading to the establishment of Islamabad Eggs brand.

Export Operations Began

Rawalpindi, Punjab

The company begins to export hatching eggs to GCC countries, establishing itself as a reputable market player in the region.

Islamabad Wanda Launched

Rawalpindi, Punjab

Islamabad Wanda, formulated by our own nutritionists, was launched to address the nutritional gap in the cattle feed market of Pakistan.