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Our Hatching Eggs

Supreme Hatching Eggs

Delivered directly from our farms, our eggs are fertile, having handsome hatchability percentages.

Our eggs result in hatching of high quality, grade-A chicks because we ensure our breeders are well fed, hydrated and properly ventilated to lay a healthy, fertile egg. The hatching eggs produced are always checked for quality through our sophisticated set of quality checks and tools; ensuring that our eggs are fertile and fit for hatching.

Graded and uniform eggs

Our farms

Premium quality chicks

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High in hatchability

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How Are They Special?

Premium Eggs. Reliable Hatchability.

Fit for Hatching

Uniform and Graded

Vaccinated Hens

Ensured Fertility

Hygienic Production

Salient Features

Ensuring Quality and Fertility

Reliable breeding and fertilization

Our birds are kept under safest farm conditions ideal for breeding and production of healthy and fertilized eggs.

Fully managed production

Our vertically integrated setup means we are involved in all stages: from raising of hens, production of eggs, to delivery.

To ensure a consistent supply of hatching eggs, we ensure that our birds are kept in properly maintained and ventilated Breeder sheds, overlooked by professional managers and a team of veterinary doctors. We provide the birds with a hygienic environment, the right hydration and our very own feed; ideal for the health of Breeders. The hatching eggs produced are always checked for quality.

Exporting Hatching Eggs

We export high-quality hatching eggs to GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman. Visit our Exports page to learn more.


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