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About Our Hatcheries

Providing the healthiest and fittest day-old chicks for farmers.

With some of the best equipment installed supported by an ideal environment, we hatch the highest quality and healthy chicks, best suited for the farmer to place in their sheds.

We have two types of hatcheries: single and multi- staged. All the eggs produced on our breeder farms are transported through environmentally controlled trucks to these hatcheries and hatched here. The end product here being an A-grade day old chick. Our hatcheries, all together have a total capacity of hatching over 2 million chicks a week.

Day-Old Chicks

Our Hatcheries

Leading Hatcheries in Pakistan

2 million

Chicks hatched per week


Years of excellence

Why Our Hatcheries?

A-Grade, Day-Old Chicks

Our hatcheries provide the healthiest and vaccinated day-old chicks, fit for every farmer's flocks.

Healthy chicks hatch after proper egg incubation, humidity and temperature control in the environment around the egg bring about an excellent quality and a healthy, grade A, day-old chick, ready to be delivered to the customer.

Inside Our Hatcheries

State of the Art Hatcheries

Inside our hatcheries, all of the incubator machines have been installed by ChickMaster. They are equipped with the most modern of machineries, with most of the hatcheries operating on automation: from humidity control to temperature maintenance.

Our teams of on-site veterinary doctors ensure that our chicks are kept in healthiest, disease-free conditions.

Watch Our Process

Safe and Hygienic Hatching Process

Egg grading: Eggs are graded in accordance with their weight and size.

Fumigation: Eggs are disinfected through the process of fumigation.

Incubation: Eggs are placed in incubators for 18 days before transfer.

Hatching: The transferred eggs are hatched in hatchers after 3 days.

Vaccination: A-grade chicks are vaccinated for protection against disease.

Delivery: High quality chicks are delivered to farmers and customers.

Our Hatching Eggs

From Islamabad Farms®

The hatching eggs are supplied from the company's own breeder farms, which ensure a reliable and consistent quality of eggs. This enables the company to supply hatching eggs with good health and disease free.

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