UAN: 111-996-699

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The Present

  • Market leader in poultry production in Pakistan.
  • We operate a portfolio of poultry farms and feed mills that are largest in country in terms of output and are the most efficient.
  • Highest quality hatcheries producing over 2 million chicks every week.
  • Employing the latest technologies and modern R&D to improve nutrition in bird's feed.

Future Outlook

  • To provide the population access to healthier nutrition options and continuously adding value.
  • Expansion in exports and serving clients across borders.
  • Infrastructure and capability upgrades to the farms and mills of the company.
  • Education and empowerment of farmers in the poultry sector.

Salient Statistics


Tonnes/hr poultry feed production capacity


Million combined capacity for breeder and broiler


Million chicks hatched every week


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