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Experienced Professionals

Are you an experienced professional looking to advance your career? Islamabad Group offers you attractive career path and market competitive salary and benefits.

Experience: 5-7 Years

Graduate Programme

Are you a fresh university graduate and looking to start a career? We offer you opportunities in many of our functional areas.

Experience: Not required

Technical Trainees

Are you looking to work in the biggest poultry group of Pakistan? We provide our trainees on-the-job training and an ideal work environment.

Experience: Preferred

What We Offer You

Why join as a professional:

  • Rewarding career progression
  • Work with seasoned professionals
  • Continued learning and development
  • Competitive compensation and rewards
  • Graduate programme offers you:

  • Continued on-the-job trainings
  • Develop a specialized skill set
  • Supportive and progressive environment
  • Mentoring and support from professionals
  • Our Functional Areas

    About Your Role

    What You Will Do

    Sub-divided into logistics, civil and land management department, the wide horizon of tasks are implied here such as management of freight rates, civil works and challenges with land management.

    Production is all related to managing the backbone of the company and that is poultry itself. Here, you are presented with an opportunity to showcase your abilities as a production professional in poultry management, vaccination, farm management and biosecurity measures.

    In this department, you will come across multiple finance problems such as financial management, cash flows, generation of cash and bank statements, keeping a check and balance of available funds, dealing with banks and so on. The extensive diversity of tasks will contribute to personal growth in the field of finance.

    Purchasing in accordance market forecasting of major raw materials such as Maize, Soybean meal, Canola meal and vaccines for bird and animal feed. In this department, you will be able to purchase materials in accordance with the company policy and perform through achieving best possible average rates.

    Sales of all our products require special skills of communication with customers. This requires customer services, bargaining, recoveries and the ability to compete with other competitors. Within our sales department, employees will get the opportunity to travel across the country, giving them the opportunity to market, develop marketing strategies and understand the poultry market from the perspective of a marketing manager.

    Recruitment, HR development, benefits, succession planning and development of organisation structures are all a part of the HR department. You will be managing employee requests, applications, monetary benefits, certifications tasks and all other functions related to issues of employees within the organisation.

    This section includes multiple sub-departments like security, cash, recovery and administration. Through a bird’s eye view, you will be involved in recoveries of bad debts, overall security and general administrative issues.

    This includes database management, privacy protection, development of IT based solutions in-house and social media marketing. Employees will have full opportunity to exercise their IT skills in contributing to the overall performance of the organisation.

    This is the engineering department where employees will be catering to issues related to electric wirings, cables, generator and all other engineering based issues, giving them the platform to excel with their technical skill-set.