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Our Chicken

Safest Chicken in Town

We house our own, A-grade chicks, in controlled poultry sheds to transform them into live, broiler chicken.

Our birds are fed with our own feed. Hence, we take both the birds’ and our consumers' health into account. This way, we ensure that our product is connected with our customer on a personal level where they can be comfortable enough to understand the extent of the care we provide to our birds. And that is achieved through transparency that we communicate.

Healthy and safest hens

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Raised with vegetarian feed

Our feed

From our hygienic farms

Our farms

What Makes It Special?

Affordable Chicken. Healthy for Everyone.

Healthy & safe

Fresh from farms

High in protein

All-vegetarian feed


Our Chicken Source

Raised in Islamabad Farms®

Safe and hygienic environment

Clean internal ambience for the birds help them grow and maintain their health.

Closed and indoor sheds

Internally controlled sheds provide just the right conditions for the birds’ biological needs.

ISO Certified quality farms

Quality assured farms with standardised processes are strictly followed.

Every shed that houses our birds is designed to control the environment specifically to provide an ideal environment required by the bird to grow in. This includes factors such as ventilation, lighting and humidity levels which are important in a healthy bird development.

Our hens are raised in our very own farms, having state of the art quality standards and a closed hygienic environment.

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Interested to know more about our broiler chicken? Download our brochure to find out our specifications in detail or contact our sales representative for more information.

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Dr. Asif Zeeshan