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Islamabad Group of Companies

Islamabad Group is a vertically integrated business, with its supply chain flowing from breeding to hatching to growing to enriching. This includes manufacturing of poultry feed, hatching of eggs and housing day old chicks.

We are one of the market leaders of the poultry industry of Pakistan and have an ever expanding portfolio of products and companies.

Today, the Islamabad group has over 3500 employees on its payroll, houses a production of over 2 million chicks a week and possesses a very technically able and an expert team of doctors and farmers.

A vertically integrated group committed to healthy nutrition

Our Purpose

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the best in making a positive impact and adding value in the lives of people and companies through every business that we conduct.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich households and businesses in every aspect through high quality products and services, striving to grow together with honesty, integrity and professionalism to add value everyones’ lives.

Our Values

What We're About

Commitment to Nutrition

At Islamabad Group, we have established an excellent team of technically able personnel who consistently monitor the nutrition content being added and maintained within our products. These values are driven through the standards set by us throughout our history of doing business.

Striving for Excellence

We are committed to maintaining exceptional quality at every stage of production. As part of our history, efficiency and excellence has always been at the core of our values which has been the base for building up the company to where it stands today, with each of our employees resonating with it.

Exceptional Quality

The no-compromise policy is the root of the company’s policies, again at par with our mission of enriching peoples’ lives. That has only been made possible with what happens in the background to ensure that we do what we say. This particular school of thought is embedded within the company where quality is taken care of at every level.

Healthy & Enriched Society

The group stands for making everyone’s lives better through its processes, its ways of doing business and the products and services that it offers. This builds upon our vision and the mission itself where we stand to make a difference with this mindset by adding value to the people and businesses around us.

Honesty and Humility

We operate on the basis of being fair, honest and humble in our dealings. That, without a doubt, is one of the sole reasons why the group is where it is today. We understand that trust, both with our consumers and with our stakeholders, is important in establishing a handsome line between good and bad business practices, being taught to us by our very founders even today.