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Healthy Chicken Since 1981

Islamabad Group was established with a vision of creating a new milestone in the poultry industry. From the early days with commitment to integrity, ethics, handwork, humility and a strong customer focus, IGC today is the market leader of the Pakistan Poultry industry. We have earned customer respect and loyalty by consistently delivering the best and employing latest technology throughout decades.

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Employees empowered


Years of business experience


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Cities served across Pakistan

Highest Quality in Poultry. Trusted by Businesses.

Our products are preferred by hotels, cafes, restaurants and other businesses.

How We Work

Perfecting Nutrition. Defining Excellence.

Exceptional Quality

The no-compromise policy is at the root of the company’s policies and is reflected at every stage.

Quality standards

Research and Development

Our success in feed nutrition lies in countless hours of research and development.


Animal Health and Welfare

Animal welfare is our priority. We do not use hormones or steroids to stimulate growth of birds.

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Our Businesses

Market Leader of Pakistan Poultry

Islamabad Farms

Islamabad Farms

Islamabad Farms has constructed breeding farms equipped with state-of-the-art technology with a provision for housing a total of 2.5 million broiler and breeder stocks. The group has breeder farms scattered throughout the country.

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Islamabad Feeds

Islamabad Feeds

Producing all-vegetarian, high quality poultry and cattle feed for all farmers to optimise high growth, excellent health and overall performance of the birds and the cattle.

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Islamabad Eggs

Islamabad Eggs

At Islamabad eggs, we are committed to produce the most nutritious, fresh and delicious eggs. The company has 2 layer projects with a capacity of over 600,000 birds, with the state of the art technologies.

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Islamabad Wanda

Islamabad Wanda

Islamabad Wanda offers a wide variety of feeds ranging from high yield to fattening to medium yield. Each type of feed specifically caters to the requirement of the animal specific to your needs.

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Our hatcheries have a total capacity of hatching over 2 million chicks a week. All of the incubator machines have been installed by Chick Masters. Our hatcheries are operating completely on automated methodologies.

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Our Products

Highest Quality in Poultry

Export Products

Islamabad group exports high-quality hatching eggs to GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman.


Why Choose Us?

In business for more than 40 years. Excellent customer service.

Having the expertise and the commitment to serving you with the best of customer services, we bring more than just experience and business to the table. We bring quality, health, and nutrition combined with benefits for you in product feedback, certified processes and a well established reputation with all of our clients, going back to our founding date.

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